Our Work

  • Self-Checkout Queue Merchandising

    The Challenge: Develop a cost-effective, versatile merchandising system for a major retail client’s self-checkout queues that will drive sales while creating a welcome sense of order and convenience.

  • Greeting Card Spinner

    The Challenge: Design a rotating greeting card display that pleases both the national grocery chain retailer and the vendor, and lets the product “speak” directly to the consumer.

  • Hardwood Flooring Sample Display

    The Challenge: Update the look of the client’s existing sample display system to be more visually appealing, contemporary and brand-focused, without sacrificing functionality or straining their budget.

  • Bloomingdales

    When a major fashion retailer wanted to promote their on-line shopping service in their stores, they asked for a variety of signs that would have a “substantive” feel with very high impact and yet be very cost effective.

  • Thomas & Friends (LCI)

    When a premier toy manufacturer wanted to extend their presence and sales into major department stores, it asked for a distinctive boutique or “store within a store” design to showcase its prized product line.

  • FAO

    When a major toy retailer wanted a series of displays and specialty fixtures to showcase their exclusive product lines, they also wanted us to develop an “image envelope” that would be the basis of seasonal pop-up stores. Versatile, cost effective…yet discerning and exclusive…were specific characteristics demanded of the design solution.

  • Multi-brand Lip Care Display

    The Challenge: Create a compact, durable merchandising vehicle to elegantly showcase a variety of well-known lip care brands for a major North American supermarket chain.

  • Tech Accessories Display

    The Challenge: With just 4 weeks lead time, seamlessly incorporate “tech accessory” product displays—using both pegs (for hanging products) and lockable showcases—into existing merchandising racks for a leading international supermarket chain.